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“One of the best to emerge from north of the border is Dale Boyle who has recently released his second CD entitled Small Town Van Gogh”

- {USA}


"Dale Boyle: Small Town van Gogh - 4.5 on 5"

- Benny Metten  (Ctrl. Alt. Country E Zine) {Belgium}


“Tres abouti au niveau musical, ce CD l'est egalement par les sujets traites et la qualite des textes”   

- Le Cri Du Coyote {France}


“Splendid” -  4 out of 5 stars

- Rene Leverink ( {Netherlands}


 “Boyle is an accomplished musician, a fine singer, and an exceptionally thoughtful, meticulous songwriter”

- John Taylor (


 “Great songwriting”

- Duke Eatmon (CBC Homerun)


“Boyle employs the same direct, poignant folk, country and blues on his polished and evocative sophomore CD, Small Town Van Gogh”

- Jamie O'Meara (The Hour)


Boyle’s “passion is evident in his recently released album Small Town van Gogh, a tribute to the late Gaspé painter Tennyson Johnson”.

- Julia Gerke (The Suburban)


“This disc proves that the Montreal singer-songwriter is armed with good songs”

- Bernard Peruse (Montreal Gazette)


“Boyle wastes no notes or chords in his craft-his lyrics are hauntingly direct and to the point”

- Barbara Lavoie (West Island Chronicle)


Small Town van Gogh is "in keeping with his love for telling rich, heart-felt tales"

- Jennifer Coutlee (The SPEC) 


“Boyle pays a fond tribute on the record's title track”

- Mike Murphy (McGill Reporter)


“Intertwining folk, country and blues traditions into his blue collar, working-class songs, he’s written an original tune about the notorious wrongful conviction and execution of Wilbert Coffin in the 1950s” 

- Barbara Lavoie (The Chronicle-West Island ED)


“Boyle recorded In My Rearview Mirror: A Story From A Small Gaspé Town armed with an acoustic guitar, a microphone, and empathy for what makes someone leave – and later return to – their roots”

- Jordan Zivitz (The Montreal Gazette)


“Rearview Mirror is a full-out concept album. Boyle chronicles the history of his home region with moving songs like "Shut It Down" and the opening track, "A Small Gaspé Town."

- Lise Treutler (McGill Tribune)


“Divisées en chapitres, les chansons de l’album, tel un roman, racontent l’histoire de l’auteur qui, comme bien des Gaspésiens, est marquee par le déracinement et l’espoir du retour.  Un mélange de blues, de folk et de country qui met en valeur la voix, les mélodies et les talents de conteur de Dale Boyle”

- F.V. (Journal Cultural Graffici)


“There's also The Wilbert Coffin Story, where a wrongly accused miner meets the hangman.  That's real folk blues”.

- Dean Cottrill (The Hour)


“Cinq disques pour la simplicité de la realisation”… “Cinq disques pour la grande qualité des chansons”… “Cinq disques pour les chansons engages”… “Cinq disques pour le jeu de guitare”… “Finalement, cinq disques pour la sincérité”

- Slide (Journal Cultural Graffici)


He’s a local guy with some pretty heavy connections. So when Dorval’s Dale Boyle releases a CD, as he recently has with A Story from a Small Gaspé Town, people take notice

- Scott Taylor (The Chronicle)


“With only an acoustic guitar, he captivated us from the very start with his stories and his sense of humour”…“his performance ended with a standing ovation!” / “ Seule avec sa guitare acoustique il nous attrappe dès le début avec ses histoires et son sens de l'humour”… “son spectacle s'est terminé par une ovation debout des spectacteurs”. 

- Réjean Nadon (2004 Relève en blues Festiblues Review) 


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